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Searching for Service Oriented Vape Merchant Acount?

You found the right page!  Bankcard International Group is your trusted leader in smoke and vape merchant accounts.

SmokeVape Shop Merchant Accounts socialSmoke and Vape Shops are saddled with operational challenges. Excessive and continually changing regulations. Government and card brand restrictions. Liability and reputational risk. These are all things that earn Smoke Shop merchant accounts a high-risk Merchant Category Code or MCC.

But obtaining a merchant account to accept payments doesn't need to be one of your biggest challenges.

To run a successful retail or online Head Shop, merchants must be able to accept multiple forms of payments. That means that Smoke and Vape Shop owners must partner with an experienced high-risk merchant account provider. 

Bankcard International Group is your High Risk Merchant Account Provider of choice.  We understand the legal obligations and restrictions smoke shops face to operate a compliant business.

Not only do we have almost 20 years of experience working with high-risk industries, but over that time, we’ve created strategic banking partnerships that allow us to bring reliable solutions to any type of Smoke Shop.

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Most Payment Processors are not prepared to work with smoke and vape shop merchant accounts.

We Are!

Taking the Risk out of High Risk Payment Processing webMost traditional payment processing solutions can’t offer a retail merchant account to businesses that sell certain products such as tobacco, vape pens, bongs, pipes and other paraphernalia. Especially if they are operating online.

Ecommerce Smoke shops face even more challenges simply due to the nature of online sales. Not only are they a target for fraudulent payment activity, but they also experience higher levels of chargebacks than other business models. The credit card associations have additional regulations in place for high risk merchant category codes such as Ecommerce tobacco merchants.

This is where we shine.
Fortunately, B.I.G. is well versed in high-risk merchant accounts. With our curated solutions, we can approve a merchant account for almost any product commonly sold in Smoke and Vape shops today. We even have reliable and affordable solutions for harder to approve products such as CBD and Kratom.




Are you an eCommerce smoke shop?

We have your solution.

Secure, Fast, and ReliableEcommerce smoke shops require special attention. Both Visa and Mastercard require you to register with their High Risk Merchant Registration Program. Merchants will be required to pay an initial fee of $500 each for Visa and MasterCard Registration, then $500 per card brand annually to remain registered. Our in-house underwriting team helps to make this process as painless as possible to get you accepting credit cards quickly.

Whether you require a high risk retail smoke shop merchant account or a high risk eCommerce merchant account, we have the solution you need. We understand that your success depends on your ability to accept multiple payment options for your goods and services. And your ability to continuously accept payments is directly related to the sustainability of your merchant account solution.

  • Our solutions are highly curated to meet the needs of the individual merchant.
  • Our consultative approach allows us to choose the merchant account solution that best supports the needs of your retail smoke and vape environment, or addresses the challenges of the online smoke shop.
  • We provide a full suite of essential risk management tools, such as:
    • Robust high risk payment gateway.
    • Fraud detection and prevention software.
    • Chargeback Management.
    • Payment Management software.
    • We work with both Visa and MasterCard High-Risk Registration.

Most importantly, our solutions are reliable and affordable.


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