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Streamline Delivery with Compliant Payments for Cannabis Delivery.

Mobile Cannabis Card Payments with a mobile credit card terminalAs more states across the U.S. continue to implement legalized cannabis programs, the demand for cannabis delivery services grows.  Because of this, marijuana delivery is a booming service in a fast-growing industry.  And it's one that operates in a high-risk financial environment.

For delivery services to thrive, they need a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to accept cannabis payments while increasing sales.

Bankcard International Group brings cannabis retailers compliant, secure and, most importantly, affordable payment solutions. This allows cannabis businesses to process transactions and meet consumer demand efficiently.

By implementing electronic payment transactions for cannabis, merchants improve the safety of delivery drivers, speed up the checkout process for customers, and decrease costs. With our expertise, marijuana delivery companies can employ innovative payment solutions to improve overall efficiency.


Benefits of accepting digital payments for cannabis delivery companies.

Our card payment solutions allow merchants to accept payments for their cannabis deliveries online or instantly at time of delivery.  This allows businesses to reduce the percentage of failed sales by confirming the availability of funds prior to delivery. Wireless mobile terminals make accepting payments for cannabis deliveries safe, secure, fast, and frictionless.

Reduce the costs and liabilities of cash dependence:

Cash is expensive and increases your risk of criminal behavior. Reducing your reliance on cash helps reduce the cost associated with transport, deposit, and handling of cash from plant touching businesses.

Adding electronic payments options reduces human error and automates the accounting process. This helps merchants reduce administrative work and manager reconciliation.

Ensure data security and compliance with federal and state laws:

When you partner with Bankcard International Group, we process payments to ensure compliance with cannabis laws and regulations. Our cannabis payment solutions adhere to the highest levels of compliance and bank transparency.  Our sponsor bank and processor created a complaint flow of transaction data that fully meets all BSA/AML policies.

Securely process transactions on a platform built with the highest level of PCI DSS compliance and data encryption standards.


Creates a foundation for future legal cannabis credit card processing:

Compliant electronic payment solutions prepare cannabis merchants for a federally legal cannabis future. Once true credit card payments are legal, merchants with an active and compliant merchant account will have a leg up. Credit card processing capabilities only need to be “switched on”.

Mobile credit card terminal with tap to pay for Legitimate Cannabis Card Payment ProcessingReliability: 

Accept payments through a real, transparent, and traditionally operating merchant account. Cannabis business owners can finally operate with confidence that their payment solution is consistent and reliable. Merchants operate with confidence as they are fully aware of who they're working with, who their bank is, and who their processor is.

Mobile terminals sync to the cloud immediately, so every transaction is secure. Merchants can rest assured that transactions are safe, even if something should happen to the driver or the terminal. All transaction information is available online in your payment portal. Terminals batch automatically, ensuring funds are deposited in a timely manner.

Quick and painless integration:

Our payment solution can communicate easily with current software and technology through a simple API integration. This enables cannabis delivery companies to easily integrate electronic payments into their existing systems and technology. Our growing list of current POS partners makes seamless integration even simpler.

Improve driver security and safety:

Reducing the number of cash transactions out in the field keeps your drivers safer. Drivers no longer have to transport large amounts of cash, reducing the risk of robbery and theft. Electronic payment solutions make recreational and medical marijuana deliveries safer for businesses, drivers and customers.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty:

Cannabis delivery is a competitive space. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering multiple payment options with a fast and easy checkout.

Customers are looking for a modern, professional and convenient shopping experience. And they want to be able to pay with cards. Our payment solutions simplify the process of ordering and paying for convenient cannabis delivery.

Enhance the Customer Experience (CX) thorough Electronic payments

team holding gears powering your cannabis business with legitimate payment optionsFlexibility:

Electronic payment processing helps businesses increase customer loyalty by delivering an optimized customer experience.

Customers choose how and when they want to pay. They can pay prior to delivery within your online ordering portal without going to an ATM. Or, they can pay at the time of delivery with the quick dip of a PIN Debit card.


No more trips to the ATM, downloading third-party apps, or creating accounts with 3rd party wallets. Our innovative payment solutions allow your customers to choose payment options that are familiar to them.
Electronic payments allow customers to pay at the time of purchase or delivery with exact dollar amounts. Wireless mobile terminals provide a faster and more convenient ordering and payment process that won’t sacrifice security..


Customers can complete their order from the convenience of their home. Order, accept delivery, and pay, all from the convenience of their doorstep.

Cashless payments mean customers don't have to worry about going to an ATM and carrying a lot of cash at once, reducing the chance of theft.
Especially beneficial for medical patients and customers with mobility issues who may not want to make a trip to the bank.


Customers will enjoy reduced fees when compared to the fees associated with Cashless ATM.
That’s because banks do not charge cardholders out-of-network fees when using their PIN Debit to pay for cannabis delivery.

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Accept Cannabis Payments with Bankcard International Group.

You are more than a Number with B.I.G.Bankcard International Group provides secure and compliant payment solutions to meet the needs of cannabis and medical marijuana delivery companies. Our innovative payment solutions enable businesses to mobilize their business, expand their customer base, and increase sales.

The medical and recreational marijuana industry is still relatively new. And that means that access to financial services, as well as state and federal regulations, are in constant influx.

It's imperative cannabis merchants partner with a company that has a solid grasp of the laws and regulations.

At Bankcard International Group, compliance is a top priority that lays the groundwork for future cutting edge solutions. We have over a decade of experience serving high-risk industries. We’ve also spent years focusing on, and fighting for, fair and equal access to banking and payments for the cannabis industry. This knowledge makes us ideally suited to provide the merchant support you need for your cannabis business.

Bankcard International Group’s cannabis payment solutions are reliable, secure and cost-effective. They allow cannabis merchants to accept payments in-store payments, online, and out in the field. Partnering with a trusted Merchant Service Provider means you can focus on managing your business rather than chasing cash.


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eCheck Payments for Cannabis?

Payment by check for cannabis can be a powerful tool!

Did you know that payments made by ACH and Checks are the fastest growing sector payments in the country?  There are good reasons.  It is secure.  It is easy.  It is cheap! 

In a digital economy how does the cannabis industry compete or keep up with the times?  We buy everything online from groceries to clothing to cars and even houses.  Why can’t consumers be allowed to purchase cannabis online? Bottom line, accepting credit cards for cannabis is against federal law for both retail and e commerce cannabis businesses.

Thus, the power of the eCheck for cannabis.  Accepting eChecks for cannabis empowers your business to accept online payments for cannabis.  These purchases can be picked up or delivered.  Studies show that many customers either do not want to deal with a budtender or don't have the patience for the process.  Most customers or patients already know what they want and just want to buy it.  Allowing your customer to pay online for quick and easy pick up or delivery offers multiple benefits.  It creates a safer environment for your employees and customers.  It also can reduce staffing needs and banking costs, while increasing sales.

Many cannabis businesses feel that their customers do not want to pay by check.  In our experience, however, with proper website disclosures, eCheck payments are an effective tool giving you an edge on the competition.

eCheck payments are also highly useful for cannabis B2B businesses.  eCheck payment processing for cannabis B2B companies is highly effective.  With the power to electronically invoice, create recurring billing, and allow for ‘after hours’ online orders.  B2B sales in cannabis are particularly difficult because exchanging large suitcases full of cash for product is not only dangerous, it is expensive!  It has been shown by studies done by the Federal Reserve that cash costs traditional businesses, on average, 0.53%.  For cannabis that cost is considerably higher - try 5 times or more higher.  Additionally, businesses that can seamlessly place orders with a supplier online of over the phone order more.  They are more likely to do business with that supplier than they are one that only accepts cash.

Streamline your supply chain and operations with the power of eCheck today!

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