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Cannabis retailers thrive with Curbside Pickup

Electronic Payments Power Curbside for CannabisCurbside pickup was a boon for cannabis retailers that no one expected. The restrictions placed on businesses during the pandemic forever altered how consumers shop and buy. Online pre-order with curbside pickup became a welcome convenience for business and consumers alike. 

Through curbside pickup, marijuana dispensaries were able to continue to process sales and still abide by Covid restrictions. But curbside pickup did more than help keep the doors open, for cannabis dispensaries it actually increased sales.

Curbside pickup allows customers to browse items from the comfort of their own home. Once they choose their items, they place their order online and choose the curbside pickup option. Customers can also choose to either prepay online for their order, or pay at the time of pickup.

This gave dispensaries a way to meet customer needs while complying with social distancing and limited capacity mandates. Consumers quickly embraced the option for its convenience. And it's a convenience that customers aren't likely to give up now that they've become accustomed to it.

Curbside pick up provides a useful option for both regulars and busy customers. But it's also an option that new, inexperienced customers have embraced.  Some customers are simply uncomfortable going into a cannabis dispensary. This service gives them a way to shop privately and pick up privately.  It’s especially beneficial for medical patients who may have health or physical limitations and mobility issues. 

We help cannabis dispensaries offer fast and secure curbside pickup services by providing compliant payment solutions that streamline the entire buying process.  When curbside pickup options are coupled with efficient payment options, you streamline the transaction flow. Ordering, paying for the product, and the pickup process are all made more efficient.


Why choose Bankcard International Group for your cannabis payment solutions?

lady thinking with question marks overhead asking how do I select the best cannabis payment processorFor over a decade, Bankcard International Group has supported, advocated, and lobbied for equal access to financial services for the cannabis industry. We’ve championed creating legitimate payment solutions that serve to move the industry forward, while complying with all government guidelines and regulations.

We’re proud to offer payment solutions that ease cannabis retailer’s dependence on cash while also remaining compliant with state, federal, and card brand payment regulations. Our compliant cannabis payment processing services benefit recreational and medical retailers in many ways. 

1.  They allow dispensaries and delivery companies to be less reliant on cash, decreasing costs, thievery, and mistakes.

2.  Digital payment solutions provide customers and business owners with more payment options and often increase their spend.

3.  They streamline the process for BOPIS and curbside pick up. Multiple payment options provide for greater customer convenience, greater security, and increased sales.

Our goal is to create solutions that support the industry’s needs now, while also setting them up for the future. One way to do that is to show regulators that the industry can operate successfully in legal and complaint manners.

Curbside pick up has been a perfect example of how the industry can adapt to new restrictions, remain compliant, and serve their customers.

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B.I.G Cannabis-specific payment solutions

Bankcard International Group is a trusted leader in cannabis payment processing. Our solutions are made possible through our 100% transparent and compliant cannabis merchant accounts.   We empower cannabis retailers to accept digital and card payments, just like other businesses do. Businesses that sell recreational and medicinal cannabis can rest assured they're getting payment options that meet federal and card brand regulations. 

True PIN Debit card payment processing

True PIN Debit allows customers to purchase cannabis using their debit card just like they do at the grocery store.  This familiar and safe transaction for cannabis is something they're used to using with other retailers every day, increasing confidence and sales.

Echeck electronic payments

Customers can order and pay for cannabis online using just their routing number and bank account.  The eCheck is an often overlooked yet powerful payment method that monetizes your website and decreases your dependence on cash.

Bitcoin payments for cannabis

With growing support and familiarity customers want to do more than just buy and sell Bitcoin, they want to use it.  Now they can take advantage of alternative payment methods by purchasing cannabis with Bitcoin. Bitcoin payments can be accepted online, in-store, or curbside.

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Benefits of digital and electronic payments for cannabis dispensaries.

QR Payment for cannabis


  • Cannabis retailers no longer have to operate cash heavy. Multiple payment options help to reduce the amount of cash dispensaries must hold, transport, and protect. 
  • Processing electronic and card payments for cannabis is very cost effective.  Most times it is much less expensive than accepting cash!
  • Offering multiple payment options increases convenience and improves customer service by streamlining the pickup process.
  • Digital payments fuel curbside pickup options.  Curbside pickup allows you to serve regulars efficiently, while opening up more time for bud tenders to spend with customers that need more direction.
  • Satisfy safety protocols by handling and storing less cash.
  • Meet consumer demands for convenience, now and in the future.






Curbside offers benefits to your customer and your business.

Increase sales, safety, and efficiency with:
1. Multiple ways to purchase

Allow your customers order online or by phone for pick-up and cut the long lines in store which helps increase store visits.  Customers that visit your store more frequently spend more money.  The convenience of curbside pickup is not going away when the pandemic does and consumers have come to expect it.

2. Multiple options to pay, either online or at time of pick-up

Allow customers to pay for their cannabis online.  When customers pay online, it only streamlines the process further. Customers can prepay for their order with Echeck, ACH, or Bitcoin.  Paying online gives your customers more options to pay and reduces cash handling.

Or pay at time of pick up with PIN Debit or Bitcoin payments.  Budtenders simply bring a secure, mobile payment terminal to the curb to process a debit card payment quickly and conveniently or a QR code to accept Bitcoin.

Or (of course) cash, if they must. 

Curbside enhances the customer experience and is here to stay

Curbside pickup may have been born of Covid restrictions, but customers are embracing it in the long term.

Dispensary owners resorted to curbside pickup out of necessity. Customers resorted to the option for curbside pickup out of concern for health and safety. The provision to allow cannabis retailers to conduct product delivery curbside enabled them to keep their doors open to customers under strict Covid-19 restrictions. It allowed customers the ability to gather what they needed while abiding by social distancing rules. 

But those are not the reasons curbside pick up is so popular with consumers. Consumers have always demanded convenience along with superior customer experience. And it is the sheer convenience of ordering what they want, and popping by real quick to grab it, that ensures curbside pick up is here to stay.

And now, customers can embrace the flexibility that comes with both curbside pickup and multiple payment options. Time is a precious commodity, and finding things that improve the customer experience has proved to be a priority for today’s consumers. Studies show that many consumers aren't likely to completely go back to in-store only shopping.

Without these alternative payment solutions, curbside pickup is a cumbersome process. Before, customers often had to have exact change to pay cash at curbside. Dispensary agents often do not carry change out to the curb or when they did it would take multiple trips from the register inside. Customers had to make multiple stops to pull money out at the bank or ATM.  This is not only inconvenient for customers, it causes friction during purchase.

Though in most states, curbside pick up is only a special provision of marijuana laws. The curbside pick up provisions were created to help dispensaries stay open and serve customers needs. Especially since they were considered an essential business. But, due to the overwhelming popularity of the option, many states have begun making moves to make curbside pickup a permanent part of their state marijuana laws.

If you're still only accepting cash, it's time to consider the alternative payment options available to the industry. With Bankcard International Group, dispensaries can confidently offer curbside pickup (retail or delivery) with fast, secure, and compliant payment solutions.

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eCheck Payments for Cannabis?

Payment by check for cannabis can be a powerful tool!

Did you know that payments made by ACH and Checks are the fastest growing sector payments in the country?  There are good reasons.  It is secure.  It is easy.  It is cheap! 

In a digital economy how does the cannabis industry compete or keep up with the times?  We buy everything online from groceries to clothing to cars and even houses.  Why can’t consumers be allowed to purchase cannabis online? Bottom line, accepting credit cards for cannabis is against federal law for both retail and e commerce cannabis businesses.

Thus, the power of the eCheck for cannabis.  Accepting eChecks for cannabis empowers your business to accept online payments for cannabis.  These purchases can be picked up or delivered.  Studies show that many customers either do not want to deal with a budtender or don't have the patience for the process.  Most customers or patients already know what they want and just want to buy it.  Allowing your customer to pay online for quick and easy pick up or delivery offers multiple benefits.  It creates a safer environment for your employees and customers.  It also can reduce staffing needs and banking costs, while increasing sales.

Many cannabis businesses feel that their customers do not want to pay by check.  In our experience, however, with proper website disclosures, eCheck payments are an effective tool giving you an edge on the competition.

eCheck payments are also highly useful for cannabis B2B businesses.  eCheck payment processing for cannabis B2B companies is highly effective.  With the power to electronically invoice, create recurring billing, and allow for ‘after hours’ online orders.  B2B sales in cannabis are particularly difficult because exchanging large suitcases full of cash for product is not only dangerous, it is expensive!  It has been shown by studies done by the Federal Reserve that cash costs traditional businesses, on average, 0.53%.  For cannabis that cost is considerably higher - try 5 times or more higher.  Additionally, businesses that can seamlessly place orders with a supplier online of over the phone order more.  They are more likely to do business with that supplier than they are one that only accepts cash.

Streamline your supply chain and operations with the power of eCheck today!

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