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Powerful & Secure High Risk Payment Gateway

The Bankcard International Group has partnered with the world's leading gateway developer in order to provide our merchants with the most feature rich high risk payment available.  We know there are a lot of secure gateways out there.  However, you will find the toolset offered by the B.I.G. gateway to be the most robust and flexible for just about any business type.  Whether your high risk business is brick and mortar retail, eCommerce, or on the go we have you covered.  With a PCI Level 1 certification (the highest certification available), client management vault, and a fraud prevention suite the B.I.G. gateway has the modern features your business demands.

With the BIG Gateway, powered by NMI, your business will benefit from enterprise level features, tools, and security.  Imagine a single intuitive portal to manage multiple merchant accounts.  The flexibility to process in multiple currencies.  The peace of mind harnessing industry leading security and fraud prevention provides.   Time saving reporting. Automate multiple recurring offerings.  Put it all together and your business has found the high risk gateway it has been looking for.  And the partner to support you for the life of your business.  Let’s take a look at some of the features the B.IG. gateway has to offer.


The Best high risk payment gateway

Merchant Control Panel

From a single log in you will have the power to process payments, manage transactions, set up permission based users, and generate reports on all payment processing activity.  Simple navigation to specific transactions or detailed reporting on one or many merchant accounts.  The Merchant Control Panel will put you in the driver's seat from anywhere.  Our intuitive interface makes managing your payments a breeze.

Virtual Terminal

Never miss a sale!  Whether you are accepting payments in a brick and mortar retail location or on the road the B.I.G. gateway is for you.  The included cutting edge virtual terminal allows you to securely and compliantly accept payments in person, online, or on the go from any device.

Accept in person payments by Swipe, Dip, or Tap, with a point to point encrypted card reader or countertop terminal.  

Alternatively, accept credit cards and checks over the phone by manually entering them.

Seamlessly integrate with your website via plug in, API, or SDKs.

With a B.I.G. secure gateway you’ll get paid quickly and efficiently to maximize your business’ cash flow!

Mobile App Payment Processing

Accept payments anywhere with our mobile app.  A simple yet highly effective light mobile POS solution.  Simply login, swipe or dip, and get paid!  

In Depth Reporting

With detailed reporting on specific transactions, customers, and one or many merchant accounts you’ll always know exactly how your business is running.

Easily locate specific transactions and collect detailed information, create batch reports, view your recurring transactions, and get reports on invoices.  

Multiple MID Capabilities

Do you have more than one merchant account ID?  Stop having to manage them from multiple portals.  With our Multi MID functionality you can manage all of your accounts from a single point.  Manage multiple MIDs on a single account, consolidate reporting, manage locations, organize products and more.

Simply log in, select MID, and manage.  That’s it!

Recurring billing

Utilize recurring billing to create and manage multiple recurring plans so you can maximize your sales and offerings.  Whether you bill every day or once every 59 weeks you can customize subscriptions that will fit your business.  

Customer Vault

high risk payment gateway

Securely manage your customers and track their payment card status.  Take some of the risk out of your high risk merchant account!  Our customer vault tokenizes and stores your client’s payment data so you don’t have too! Easily manage your customer list.  View subscription and payment card status.  Create reports and get notified of upcoming card expiration dates in seconds.  


Get paid, Easy.  Give your customers the flexibility they want with our invoicing feature.  Easily create and send electronic invoices.  Stop chasing payments down and waiting on your customers to mail them in.  Send an electronic invoice and allow customers to pay you quickly. Customers will be able to view, download, and pay invoices all from the convenience of their email.  

Batch Processing

Do you do large volumes of transactions and require batch processing?  No problem.  Our powerful batch processing capability has you covered.  Simply upload and transmit – that’s it!

Gateway Emulator 

Scared to migrate to a new merchant account because of reporting and set up time?  Don’t be.  We make transitioning a breeze by emulating the settings and data from your previous gateway.  This allows you to easily migrate without having to redo or reprogram other software or application interfaces.

Shopping cart

In addition to our full plug in functionality with hundreds of robust shopping carts we offer a native shopping cart.  Designed to get businesses selling their products online quickly we offer a simple priority based shopping cart.  This feature allows you to set up a product line, shipping costs, and tax parameters so that customers can quickly add to cart and purchase your products.  Our built in shopping cart is customizable to the look and feel of your site. 

Third Party Integrations

For businesses that need something a little more robust than our built in shopping cart we have our gateway fully integrated to over 175 carts and growing!   That means that we have plug and play functionality - no programmer needed!  For a full list of compatible carts or to discuss your business needs CONTACT US!

Inventory Manager 

built in secure inventory manager with a high risk payment gatewayTurn your secure gateway into a business management tool with our product manager feature set.  Create a list of products and SKUs to be managed and inventoried through the unified product database then associate prices, discounts, tax rates, and product categories.  This makes for easy order creation and invoicing.

Transaction Routing

If you sell products or manage businesses that require more than one merchant account we offer automatic transaction routing.  This allows you to use one gateway to route transactions from multiple MIDs based on rules or directions you customize.  

Flexible integrations with diverse APIs and SDKs

Is your business highly unique?  Do you offer a tailored experience to your customers and want a gateway that can match your brand?  We offer flexible and customizable integrations with diverse APIs and SDKs.  We have the power to grow and change with your business - no matter where it goes.


Cardholder data is tokenized and that tokenized cardholder data from previous transactions can be reused without having to store or secure it at your location. Tokens can be used for future transactions without the cardholder data having to be re-entered, making for a seamless shopping experience and lowering shopping cart abandonment.

Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)

State of the art encryption that exceeds the industry standards.  Ensure cardholder data is not exposed at any time during a payment transaction with P2PE.  This is the most secure and proactive solution.  Our gateway is an industry leader in futuristic payment security.

Customer Vault

Maximize efficiency and sales while reducing risk.  Create a secure and tokenized customer vault to store, track, charge, and report on your customer base.  Securely store your customer’s sensitive credit card data, directly on secured servers, with true payment tokenization. Easily create recurring payments, send invoices, and report on customers purchase histories – all without sacrificing data security.


Additional Add on Services:

High risk payment gateway featuresQuickBooks SyncPay

We even offer processing and syncing from within your QuickBooks software.  A quick plugin download will allow you to take advantage of our superior payment processing services and rates while accepting payments within Quickbooks.  

Level 3 Data Processing Available

Lower your credit card processing fees!  Maximize your efficiency and get the best interchange rates by transmitting enhanced data to the processor

If your business accepts Level III eligible payments then you can enjoy significant processing fee savings with our Level III capability.  If you are a B2B or B2G merchant looking to work with a processor who understands how to increase your bottom line ask us about Level III Data transmission and how it could help your business.  

Fraud Prevention

With our Fraud module you can stay a step ahead! Employ our rule based transaction scrubber to identify and stop fraud when it gets to the gateway.  Our fraud prevention module can enforce and report on a minimum/maximum transaction amount, block or whitelist IPs, email addresses, countries, credit card numbers, and more. It can also be set to adhere to daily, weekly or monthly usage thresholds such as restricting a consumer from changing their credit card number over a certain number of times during a specific time range.  Help stop fraud and protect your business.

Payer Authentication

Our 3D Secure service protects your business and your customers while offering you lower interchange rates!

Payer Authentication, AKA - Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode, are security protocols developed by Visa and MasterCard that allow consumers to shop online more securely. Visa and MasterCard also give back to eCommerce businesses that enable these programs by providing both chargeback protection and lower interchange rates

PCI Certification

Conducting your annual PCI verification can be a pain.  We make it easy with a fully integrated PCI Compliance module to conduct your annual certification and required scans.

ACH and eCheck Processing

Save money and offer more ways to get paid by integrating our ACH or eCheck processing services directly into your gateway!

In Store Application 

A simple POS integrated with EMV card reader to get your retail business up and running in a flash!

As you can see we have covered just about every concern and need that a savvy business person could ever want.  When combined with our Best in Class service and rates, you’ve found the payment partner your business has been looking for!

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