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High Risk Merchant Account Advisors

Put the Bankcard International Group's decades of experience and strong company values to work for your business. 

B.I.G. has nurtured a vast network of proven credit card processing platforms and acquiring banks so that we can offer you the absolute best high risk merchant account solutions.

What sets us apart is our focus on the best solution for your business - not trying to fit your business into what we have to offer.

Remember, it is not how BIG your merchant service provider is, but, how BIG you are with your merchant service provider. 

GET STARTED with a FREE No Bull No Pressure Consultation Today

Get Approved for your high risk merchant services Fast!


Fast Approvals

We pre-approve your merchant account and streamline the process to accepting credit cards fast.  We know you need to get back to what you do best, and we'll get you there.  Let BIG put its expansive network and experience to work. 


Happy with high risk merchant account


Transparent Pricing

High Risk Credit Card Processing is difficult enough. We provide you with transparent pricing so there are never surprises, deceptive numbers, or hidden merchant services fees.  We believe that when you do a great job you don't need to hide!



High risk merchants accounts with great service


Superior Service

Our highly trained advisors and service professionals are here for you.  We want to work with your business for the life of your business.  Providing Best in Class service is just one way we do that.  That's high risk merchant services - Done Right.


B.I.G. by the Numbers

We are a leader in high risk merchant accounts and "hard to place" merchant services....  Here are just a few reasons why.

Merchant Account Approval Ratio
Client Retention Ratio
Merchants Who Refer Other Businesses to Us
In-House Advisors who are ETA-CPP Certified Payment Professionals
Our High Risk merchant account advisors are here to work for you.

Our team of certified high risk payment professionals.

Our highly trained team team of advisors is immersed in knowledge and focused on the needs of your business.

We offer the best and most ethical payment processing service experience you've ever had.

Let's Talk


Security and Performance.

Our extensive toolset empowers your business with the security and functionality you deserve.  Accepting credit cards should propel and protect your business.  We provide high risk merchant services that exceed these expectations.


Empower Your Business

Your business needs a powerful and secure high risk payment gateway, chargeback prevention, dynamic currency conversion, and a suite of fraud prevention tools.  Most of all, you need  a HIGH RISK MERCHANT ACCOUNT provider that provides stable solutions and great rates. 

Welcome to the B.I.G. family.

Immersed in Knowledge and Focused on Your Business.


What Our Clients Have to Say:

B.I.G. Saved Me!

"My Dispensary payment processing had been shut down multiple times with other companies that said they were legit.  Bankcard International Group is the only one that lived up to their promise.  The rates are great and my customers can pay like they anywhere else.  My sales have never been better. Thank you B.I.G.!"

Jason Bradfield

Highly Recommended

"Shane, my advisor, really took the time to understand my business and the frustrations we've had in the past.  We got approved quick and the rates are great."

Alicia Springfield

Service when I needed it Most!

"Right in the middle of my busy season my site crashed and the orders were piling up.  I made one call and my rep was on it.  She was able to walk me through the steps and got me back in business in no time.  You never know how important good service is - until you need it.  Thanks guys."

Ben Davis

Cannabis Payment Processing

Reliable, Legitimate, and Compliant

We don't believe in workarounds, we bring traditional payment processing methods to the cannabis industry.  You clients can pay for their purchase just like they do at the grocery store.  Our cannabis merchant accounts provide legitimate and seamless payment processing with full bank and processor disclosure. 

Our cannabis merchant accounts offer some distinct advantages over cashless ATM accounts:

  • Legitimate cannabis payment processingTransactions are for exact dollar amounts which means
    • NO cash handling
    • Less Confusion, costly mistakes, and access to cash
    • NO need for drivers to carry any money
  • Your Customers will NOT be billed for “Out of Network” fees which will make them happy!
  • 100% Transparent - The bank, networks, and processor have full disclosure and support our cannabis payment processing.
  • Sales have proven to increase with PIN Debit solutions!
  • Costs less than cash handling and transportation fees!
  • Full Bank and Processor Disclosure
  • Accurate descriptors with your correct DBA and address on receipts and bank settlement reports
  • NO Convenience fees
  • NO Checkout confusion
  • Credit card ready when there is federal change - be the first to accept credit cards by not having to apply for a new account.
Need More Info? Let's Talk

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Who you work with matters

High risk merchant accounts.  It matters who you work with.  Trust Bankcard International Group.Whether you are an eCommerce high risk company or high risk retail business, BIG is our preferred payment provider.  With quick approvals, dedicated service representation, and extensive network of high risk banks, PSPs, and PayFacs we have your solution.  From plug and play PCI Compliant gateways to certified payment professionals we make integrating with your new merchant account simple, safe, and dependable.


High Risk Payment Gateway

Powerful, secure, payment processing

High Risk Payment Gateway, you need a powerful, secure, and dependable solution.B.I.G. is a leading provider of payment processing to high risk businesses.    We have established deep relationships with our banking partners who are willing to take the risk on "high risk merchant accounts" that other banks are not willing to.  Our high risk payment gateway increases the stability of your high risk credit card processing account with cutting edge tools to prevent fraud and chargebacks.



CBD Merchant Accounts

Legitimate, Domestic, Affordable

CBD Oil Merchant AccountRegardless of what type of CBD product you are selling - we have the stable cbd merchant account solution you are looking for.  The ability to accept credit cards online or in person is critical to any business but absolutely essential in the highly competitive CBD space.  There are certain guidelines that must be met to meet compliance regulations for the Fed and the card brands.  However, we are experts at navigating these guidelines and are here to help you through the application process with your high risk CBD merchant account.  We have worked with our banking partners  and the card brands to create a compliant, transparent, and stable source for CBD accounts.

We Support payment processing for all compliant CBD Products:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Edibles
  • Pet CBD Products
  • CBD Flower
  • Topical CBD products
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD merchant services and cbd merchant accounts to accept credit cards

    CBD Merchant Accounts

     Having worked in the Hemp and Cannabis industries since 2006, B.I.G. is uniquely positioned to offer the best CBD merchant accounts.  You need a reliable and affordable merchant account to accept credit cards.  We have you covered.


  • Best Firearms Merchant Accounts

    FFL & Firearms Merchant Accounts

    It is harder than ever to find a true gun friendly payment processing partner.  Welcome to B.I.G. - the best firearms and FFL merchant account provider.  Retail, online, on the road, or all of the above, we have the dependable solution you are looking for.


  • Best High Risk Payment Gateway

    High Risk Payment Gateway

    Now, more than ever, security is paramount.  B.I.G. provides the best payment gateway for high risk merchants.  Rich features like recurring billing, fraud detection, customer vaults, and chargeback management we know what is important. 


  • Best high risk merchant account provider

    High Risk Merchant Account

    Finding dependable High Risk credit card processors can difficult for many businesses.  B.I.G. prioritizes your needs, communication, and transparency above all else.  We provide the best high risk merchant accounts combined with world class service. 


  • Cannabis payment processing - accept card payments at your dispensary

    Cannabis Merchant Services

    Since 2006 B.I.G. has been working with and supporting the cannabis industry.  We offer Proven, Legitimate, and Compliant cannabis merchant accounts for accepting card payments.


  • The best ACH or eCheck payment processor

    ACH Payment Processing

    ACH and eCheck payment processing can be a powerful tool for your business.  Secure, simple, and inexpensive ACH payment processing is a perfect fit for many high risk merchants.  From invoicing to recurring payments to avoiding chargebacks - ACH could be great for you. 


  • The best travel business merchant account to accept credit cards

    Travel Merchant Services

    Now, more than ever travel businesses have a hard time obtaining and keeping merchant accounts to accept credit cards.  We love the travel industry and understand its unique challenges.  B.I.G. provides the best travel merchant accounts to keep your payment processing flying high!  


Request Your FREE Account Analysis Today.

As a business owner it is your duty and your right to know exactly what you are paying for and if it is worth it!  Let one of our certified payment professionals thoroughly analyze your account and help you save money today!

We will happily analyze your current merchant service.  Show you exactly what you are paying.  Show you areas where you could save money OR let you know if you have a great deal already.  

We don't believe in pressure, just courteous service.  

Get your FREE High Risk Merchant Account analysis:

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Ready to Get Approved?

Get started with the B.I.G. Today!  You aren't high risk to us.  We look forward to working with you and your business.

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