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Gun Friendly Payment Processing

Bankcard International Group (B.I.G.) proudly supports FFL businesses.

Finding a payment processing account for firearms sales is essential to running business.  If you are seeking reliable and affordable gun friendly credit card processor for your firearms website or retail location, Bankcard International Group (BIG) has your solution.  Whether you sell guns, ammo, or parts we have stable and affordable FFL payment processing accounts available.  At BIG we have proudly supported the firearms industry from the very start. 

Don't let your firearms merchant account let you down - work with a professional FFL Payment ProcessorWe have worked hard to establish close relationships with both FFL friendly acquiring banks and credit card processors.  With these relationships BIG is able to offer the most competitive and stable firearms merchant accounts to accept credit cards.  Unlike PayPal, Stripe, or Square you will never have to worry about delayed payouts, unfair shutdowns, or account freezes.

Operating a firearms business is difficult enough without having to worry about paying unfair “high risk” merchant services fees.  Let alone waking up to find your FFL merchant account has been shut down! 


Why is Credit Card Processing for FFL & Firearms Businesses Considered High Risk?

Don't Worry.

Why are FFL Merchant accounts considered high risk?The firearms industry is considered to be high risk by many processing banks for a few reasons. Perceived potential liability, charge back ratios, and the potential for “brand damage” lead the list!  Furthermore, since the firearms industry is federally regulated, FFL merchants accepting credit cards are subject to special underwriting requirements that many processors cannot support.  BIG has long been the go to processor for high risk merchant services including guns, ammo, and gun parts merchant accounts.  We are proud to offer transparent, dependable, and affordable merchant accounts to all FFL businesses.

Get approved for a firearm merchant account to accept credit cards

It's Easy

Working with a payment provider that understands the firearms industry is important.  We are Firearms merchant services specialistsGetting approved for a high risk payment processing account, such as FFL and ammo sales, doesn’t have to be a headache. All you need is an experienced and credible high risk payment processing account provider - like BIG!   We have streamlined our application and underwriting process as much as possible.  This makes getting a firearms merchant account as painless as can be.  

Once you have completed the application package you should be approved for your firearms merchant account within a few days.  We make getting started even easier.  We support multiple eCommerce gateways, are compatible with most any CRM, firearms point of sale, or software solutions.


Retail Credit card Processing for Firearms Merchants

BIG retail firearms merchant accounts allow you to accept credit cards in person.  We can integrate directly with your point of sale system.  If you prefer, we provide cutting edge credit card terminals, mobile device processing, or virtual terminals. Just many of our clients include concealed weapons training centers, gun ranges, gun retailers, gun repair and parts, and outdoor retailers.

Can I accept mobile payments with my retail FFL merchant services account?

Of Course, with a B.I.G. FFL merchant account!

Of course!  Many gun dealers spend a good part of the year traveling to gun shows which can prove to be highly profitable.  If you need to accept payments for guns on the road BIG has multiple solutions so that you can accept payments on your mobile device or computer just as if you were in the store.  Whether you need a wireless, mobile, or internet based processing solution we have a solution for you!


eCommerce FFL Merchant Services

What if I am an online FFL or ammo retailer?

Get approved to accept credit cards for firearms and ammunition with a specialistIf you are an online FFL or ammo business applying for a high risk merchant account we have you locked and loaded.  As long as you have the appropriate licensing to sell guns, ammo, and or parts online we have you covered.  BIG works with multiple gateways and online shopping solutions, so we can integrate quickly and easily.  You can even take advantage of our customer vault that will allow your customers to make purchases easier than ever.  By securely storing their account information, returning customers can make purchases with just one click!  Do you have clients that like to get the same shipment on a regular basis?  No problem our recurring billing feature is a breeze to manage by both you and your customers.  We also offer superior fraud detection and protection to keep your business secure.

Don’t let unreliable or expensive firearms credit card processing merchant accounts hinder your business from achieving all that it can.  A credible and transparent high risk merchant services company like BIG your business will get the service and rates it deserves.  All while never missing another sale because you can’t accept credit cards!  Let one of our dedicated certified consultants help you through the whole process with ease so you can get the most out of your FFL merchant account.  Then get back to doing what you do best - run your business!  Get Started Today.

Get Your Application Today

Interested in a chargeback prevention program?

Bankcard International Group offers charge back prevention solutions

These programs are very effective at assisting high risk merchant account holders to manage and prevent charge backs before they happen.  Many of our online gun sales merchants find these programs useful.  Online merchants tend to see more chargebacks than other merchant accounts.   Just ask us for the details.

How Can B.I.G. Help with your Firearms Related Credit Card Processing?

Simply put, with experience, respect, and transparency

Whether you have been shut down by your previous credit card processor, Square, Stripe, or PayPal we can help.  Our team of experts is here to guide your through the process to streamline the approval of your firearms credit card processing merchant account.  

The B.I.G. team of advisors has supported the firearms industry for decade and navigated just about every scenario of payment processing. 

We support all of your firearms merchant account needs including:

  • Secure gateway with simple plugins for accepting payments online or through your POS
  • eCommerce firearms payment processing online
  • Recurring billing for your subscription clients
  • Customer Vault to enable one click purchases by your returning clients
  • Retail FFL Merchant Accounts
  • Gun Friendly Merchant Cash Advance 
  • Advance Fraud protection suite for your firearms merchant account
  • ACH payment processing for firearms sales
  • B2B Firearms Suppliers supported
  • Mobile payment processing to accept gun payments on the road
  • Dedicated representatives assigned to your account - not just an 800 number and good wishes!

By providing industry leading world class service with unparalleled reliability and great credit card processing rates, B.I.G. has earned the best reputation in the industry.  Your firearms business is safe with a reliable and affordable  B.I.G. FFL Merchant Account to accept credit cards!  Call us today and discover the difference.



Join The Family!
Allow us to show you the B.I.G. difference by joining the thousands of merchants who were tired of being treated like a number.  B.I.G. is putting the SERVICE back in high risk merchant services.