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Are You a Cannabis Seed Merchant  Looking for Payment Processing to Accept Credit Cards?


Welcome to B.I.G. - Your Seed Bank Merchant Account Experts.

Cannabis seed payment processing that allows you to accept credit cards or other cashless payment methods online has been down a long, rough road!

Interestingly, the cultivation and sale of cannabis seeds is perfectly legal in more places internationally than the cannabis flower or plant. However, many seed banks and cannabis seed producers who rely on accepting credit cards are unable to do so.

Payment processing for cannabis seeds made easy.This has led to a common myth that cannabis seed distributors cannot accept credit card payments domestically. Well, that is, without lying to their bank or getting shut down quickly.


Oftentimes seed bank merchants have their accounts shut down without warning or being reimbursed for pending payments. This is because either they or their account provider did not work in full transparency with the acquiring bank (the one who actually pays you). Due to the fact that a cannabis seed, as innocent as it seems, actually does eventually end up providing the consumer with an illegal drug. This is a problem for banks.

We have some great news.

Domestic cannabis seed merchant accounts are available.

B.I.G. and our team of certified payment professionals have been in the high risk payments industry for decades. With an intense focus on bringing fair access to financial services and a goal of providing low risk account service to high risk clients we have a proven stable solution for seed merchants.

Dependable merchant services for cannabis seed banks!We provide fully transparent and reliable merchant accounts to the cannabis seed industry.

Don’t be forced into the expense and risk of offshore payment processors. 

U.S. cannabis seed merchants are often forced to work with overseas payment processors. If you are reading this - you likely have experienced the difficulties of working with some of these banks. From irregular deposit to outrageous rates and fees many offshore payment processors are actually worse for business than they are good.

With a B.I.G. cannabis seed merchant you’ll never have to worry about the common expenses of working offshore. We offer cannabis seed merchants credit card processing with:

  • Simple and relatively low rates
  • NO Reserves!
  • NO Hefty application and set up fees
  • NO international Wire Fees
  • Simple website integration
  • Daily Funding
  • Your customers will not pay international fees of any kind

Expand your payment options for cannabis seeds online with eCheck processing.

In partnership with the oldest eCheck processor in the country B.I.G. provides your seed business with the option of allowing your customers to pay by check online. With a simple and secure payment button your customers can simply enter their checking account information and make a purchase. They can even opt to have their information securely stored with bank level security (through encrypted tokenization) so that recurring or future payments can be made in one simple step.

Echeck payments with B.I.G. also offer some other great benefits:

  • Allow for large transactions of up to $25,000 so you can collect quickly on those large orders.
  • Recurring payments are a snap
  • Electronic invoicing that allows your clients to pay right from your invoice email. This convenient feature gets you paid fast and traceably, unlike sending invoices in the mail.
  • Low rates, Echecks are about half or less the cost of credit card processing
  • International cannabis seed merchants can sell to their U.S. customers and receive dependable and affordable deposits.

While it is true that sometimes clients are shy to use their checking account to pay for cannabis seeds there are some simple steps you can take to increase your site conversions with eChecks! If you would like to know more, give us a call. One of our advisors would be happy to discuss the payment options or even provide you with a demonstration.
Contact us and find out why the competition says “Experience the B.I.G. Difference!” Put our team to work for you!

Get Started Now.

Not all High Risk Merchant Account Providers are the same.

Remember just because a sales office claims to be a “high risk merchant services provider” does not mean that they have the expertise you need.  Providing stable and sustainable merchant accounts to cannabis related businesses requires expertise. 

Don’t go through the frustration, time, and cost of establishing a “high risk merchant account” only to be shut down. Have funds frozen.  And, be hung out to dry again. BIG has the expertise.  We combine our experience with guaranteed rates and the five star service your business deserves.

If you are looking for a cannabis related merchant account to accept credit cards contact us.  Experience the BIG difference. You’ll be glad you did. Remember it's not how big your payment processor is but how BIG YOU are with your merchant services provider.

Join The Family!
Allow us to show you the B.I.G. difference by joining the thousands of merchants who were tired of being treated like a number.  B.I.G. is putting the SERVICE back in high risk merchant services.