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Online Cannabis Sales 

ecommerce for cannabis powered by Bankcard International Group.  Marijuana in a shopping cart

Since its inception, the retail cannabis industry has been forced to operate on a cash-only basis. 

The disparity between federal banking laws and regulations and state laws has made accepting electronic payment transactions difficult for plant touching businesses. 

This has made it very difficult for cannabis dispensaries who want to have an online presence to accept traditional forms of electronic payments. 

Just as the cannabis industry continues to grow and evolve, the payment processing industry pursues innovative ways to support their needs. Cannabis dispensaries now have access to new and innovative payment processing solutions. As well as a few not-so-new electronic payment solutions they can take advantage of. These solutions make it possible for customers to pay electronically through PIN debit cards, ACH transfers, and digital currencies like Bitcoin.

As cannabis payment solutions become more accessible, marijuana retailers are relying on them to increase sales by building eCommerce solutions. These solutions are helping expand their customer base by increasing accessibility, conversion rates, and revenue.

This ensures retailers can keep up with consumer demand and be ready for new opportunities as the market evolves.

To help cannabis businesses take advantage of the eCommerce trend, Bankcard International Group offers compliant, secure, and affordable cannabis payment processing solutions.


eCommerce Changes the Game for Cannabis Retailers

Cannabis ecommerce payment processing.  Marijuana bud in a shopping cart on top of dollar billsWhile cannabis cannot be shipped, there are many benefits dispensaries gain by adding an eCommerce presence and accepting electronic payments online.

  • Increase sales and expand your market by allowing customers to pre-order and pay online for in-store or curbside pickup or delivery. It has been shown that consumers tend to spend more when not limited by the amount of cash they have on hand.
  • Streamline the pickup process with secure and easily verifiable payment transactions that allow you to conveniently serve more customers.
  • Reduce your reliance on cash and cash-handling for a safer environment for bud tenders and delivery drivers. 
  • Ecommerce platforms allow dispensaries to enhance the customer purchasing experience. Customers can browse products online from the privacy of their own homes. Detailed product descriptions and reviews allow customers to choose the right products at their leisure.
  • Convenience, purchasing is fast, secure, and convenient for your customers when they order and pay online with secure payment options. Customers pay effortlessly with the exact amount owed. No worrying about not having enough cash to pay for their product or stopping by an ATM on the way. No paying expensive out-of-network-fees for using a cashless ATM.

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Compliant eCommerce cannabis payment processing solutions

Bankcard International Group offers fast, reliable, and most importantly, compliant eCommerce payment solutions for cannabis dispensaries. 

Electronic payment transfers are one of the fastest growing payments sectors in the U.S. today. And for good reason. They are fast, secure, and affordable for merchants to process. 

Implementing electronic and digital payment solutions allows dispensaries to meet consumer demand for cashless digital payments without violating federal and card brand regulations.

Bank to Bank transfers with ACH Payment Processing

cashless payment processing for cannabis.  Man pushing buy button for online paymentACH (Automated Clearing House) processes direct bank to bank transfers. ACH payments allow for electronic funds transfers directly from the consumer’s bank to the merchant’s business bank account.

The Clearing House processes payments over rails that are independent of the Federal Financial System. The Clearing House only must comply with the State Regulations that they are processing within. This allows cannabis businesses to process ACH transactions while remaining compliant with Federal and Card Brand regulations.

ACH payments can be accepted over multiple channels, making it convenient for modern cannabis businesses. ACH payments can be made online, through an app, over the phone, and even at the time of purchase. 

ACH payments are fast and convenient for customers. And since payment information can be stored securely within the gateway, it only needs to be entered once.

eCheck Electronic Payment Processing

electronic payments for cannabis.  Dollar sign coming out of tableteChecks are electronic checks that work much the same way that writing a check used to, except they're created electronically. The customer’s bank produces a check and sends it through the bank rails to the depository bank where it is deposited into the merchant's account. 

eChecks are convenient for your customers too. Since the gateway can securely store payment information, frequent buyers can purchase quickly without having to enter payment information every time.

E-checks are not only convenient for customers, they are highly effective for cannabis B2B as well. E-check capabilities allow B2B cannabis companies to create electronic invoices, set up recurring billing, and accept invoice remittance quickly and securely.  Growers can even accept eCheck payments for large amounts (up to $25,000) for bulk sales.

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Bitcoin Payment Processing for Cannabis

Accept Bitcoin for cannabis online or in store.Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency used today to buy goods and services. And accepting Bitcoin payments are a perfect way to accept electronic payments for businesses, like cannabis dispensaries, that cannot accept credit cards.

Implementing Bitcoin payments allows merchants to meet growing consumer demand for digital and alternative payment options. Allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin can help you gain a competitive edge over competition who have yet to implement the option. And it is also a very cost-effective way for cannabis merchants to accept electronic payments.

Accepting Bitcoin payments for cannabis is quick and easy to set up. Merchants are provided with easy-to-use APIs for plug-n-play integration.

Our Bitcoin solution is compatible with all Bitcoin wallets. And Bitcoin transactions process immediately, providing near instantaneous payment to the merchant. 

Merchants have total control over their funds, hold Bitcoin, convert to stable coin, or USD.

Conversion happens instantly at time of purchase, so there’s no concern over Bitcoin price volatility.

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Why Bankcard International Group for your cannabis payments solutions?

Bankcard International Group has developed a reputation of being a trusted leader in cannabis merchant accounts.

At Bankcard International Group, our team is composed of highly dedicated ETA-Certified Payments Professionals. They are highly educated in the regulations involved with the cannabis industry and cannabis payments processing. 

We have been at the forefront of pushing for the cannabis industry’s right to equal access to financial services since 2012. And we're committed to staying at the forefront of the cannabis industry’s evolving legal landscape.

These compliant payment solutions allow dispensaries to create an eCommerce presence and accept cannabis payments electronically online. They are also perfect companion solutions to our compliant PIN Debit solution (link to pin debit pillar) for accepting card payments in dispensaries. Our PIN Debit solution is the nation’s first fully compliant merchant account for accepting cannabis payments.

It is our goal to support cannabis businesses with their financial and payments needs while paving the way for future advanced payment solutions. The best way to do that is to create solutions that demonstrate cannabis payment transactions can be processed in a fully compliant and auditable manner.  

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