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Canadian Merchant Accounts for Cannabis 

Canadian Merchant AccountsCanada, welcome to BIG, your trusted partner in providing comprehensive cannabis payment processing solutions. With the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry in Canada, it's essential to have a credit card processor that caters to the unique needs and challenges of your business.  

Experience the BIG difference with our exceptional merchant account service, cutting-edge credit card machines, advanced payment software, and seamless integrations designed specifically for cannabis merchants, dispensaries, and other related businesses.

Our state-of-the-art terminals offer a seamless and secure payment experience for your customers. Whether your customers prefer to pay for their cannabis purchase with a major credit or debit card or through a digital wallet like Apple Pay, we have the perfect solution to cater to their needs. Our terminals are equipped with chip and PIN technology, as well as tap and pay methods, ensuring ease of use and peace of mind.


Why choose BIG cannabis merchant services?

  • The BIG team has been working with cannabis merchants since 2007 in the United States and has more payments and compliance experience than any other provider out there.  This experience and knowledge allows BIG to provide truly tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of the Canadian cannabis market.
  • The GOLD STANDARD in personalized service.  Our clients are our focus and their success is our passion.  That means that when you need service you get it, domestically.  Your business is more than a number to BIG.  Our payments experts not only take the time to know your business but to know you as well.
  • Need seamless POS integration?  No problem, BIG can integrate our payment processing services with your POS, seamlessly.
  • If security is a top concern, and it should be, then you will rest easy knowing that your data and transactions are safeguarded with cutting-edge security measures.  Protecting you and your business is our priority.
  • Retail, delivery, and eCommerce transactions.  BIG can provide you with secure cannabis credit card processing when and where you need it.  Whether you are small storefront or multi location, delivery, and ecommerce giant we have your solution.
  • In depth and transparent reporting across all channels in one convenient spot.  Our merchant portal gives you all the vital information you need.

Ready to take your cannabis retail business to the next level with secure and compliant payment processing solutions? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and explore how BIG can help you thrive in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Get Approved Now

How to get approved for a cannabis merchant account

Its Simple!

True cannabis merchant accounts to accept card payments.  Cannabis payment processing, now legitimate. Working with B.I.G. gives you instant access to the industry's most experienced and knowledgeable team there is.

Below is a checklist of items and supporting documents that your business will need.    Not sure you have them all?  Give us a call, we can help.  

  • Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Voided Check or Bank Letter on Bank Letterhead (must include business name or DBA) Only required if bank account is less than 3 months old
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Passport
  • 6 Months Most Recent Bank Statements - If new company, supply statement supporting startup/operation of the business
  • 6 Months Most Recent Processing History - If applicable
  • 2 Years Most Recent Tax Returns or Financials - Either signer or business
  • Fulfillment Agreement - If using fulfillment center
  • Inventory Purchase Invoices - If merchant owns inventory
  • Supporting Customer Contracts/Agreements - If applicable (MOTO merchants)

Due to the enhanced compliance of boarding compliant cannabis merchant accounts the time to get approved is about 7 business days.  Once approved, your terminal will be injected with the bank's encryption keys and shipped out right away.  If you already have terminals at your location and they are supported by the processing platform we can inject your existing terminal with new programming so there is no need to purchase new equipment!

Get Approved Today!