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The Best LED Grow Light Solution

BIOS Proven Bigger YieldsAt Bankcard International Group we thrive on discovering the absolute best in business solutions. Helping businesses flourish is our passion. This passion has earned us the reputation as the most trusted and best high risk merchant services provider in the cannabis space.  Discover the special pricing and financing options we have created with our partners!

We are offering special Pricing, Rebate assistance, and Financing on the best, commercial grade, cannabis LED Grow lighting.  LEARN MORE ...WHY?

Our experience and broad portfolio allowed us the unique opportunity to collect information on solutions that actually work from our cannabis clients across the country.

Since 2006 we have worked with everyone from cannabis lawyers to cannabis consultants and from growers to dispensaries. We hear their successes, and their disappointments. When we hear about solutions that are working extraordinarily well we want to know more so we can help spread the word.

Because of this we have forged a partnership with the world’s leading LED Grow Light manufacturer. So growers, pay attention!

B.I.G. announces our partnership with Pacific Lamp Wholesale, preferred distributor for BIOS Lighting.

pacific lamp wholesale led grow lighting

BIOS cannabis LED Grow Light financing

Commercial grade cannabis led grow light financing

We value our hard-earned reputation seriously and do not make brand recommendations lightly. That being said, we are proud to recommend Pacific Lamp Wholesale and BIOS Lighting as the absolute best cannabis grow light solution.
Commercial cannabis production puts exceptional demands on lighting.

BIOS Lighting and Pacific Lamp have the solution. Along with our partnership we’d also like to announce that we have negotiated exclusive discounts and financing for those in our contact list! Want to know more?

Take Advantage of our Special Pricing and Financing Option:
Learn More

Beyond simply recommending BIOS Lighting as the best led grow lighting option lets actually discuss why:

  • Why LED?
  • Why BIOS LED for cannabis grow lighting is different.
  • Why Pacific Lamp Wholesale is the perfect partner for your BIOS project.
  • How to finance your LED Grow light system

LED technology has evolved as quickly as the cannabis industry has. Quality LED systems are seeing costs come down, PAR efficacy rates rise, and production results improve. So, while many naysayers claim they will “never’ change out their HPS for LED, there are a number of reasons you may want to.

  1. Why LED Grow lights are the best for cannabis and how to get financed for cannabis led grow lightsCost.  A true high quality, industrial grade LED system still can’t be purchased for less than a MH/HPS set up. The operational cost, increased yields and terpenes might open up the possibilities.
  2. Life span and lack of Lumen output loss. LED lights can operate for up to 100,000 hours (that’s 11+ years of continuous operation) of cannabis growth without loss of PAR efficacy or maintenance. After which time there is a secondary market to further offset costs.
  3. True customizable full spectrum technology. Rather than being stuck with using a MH (blue spectrum), HPS (red, orange spectrum) or a combination of both, imagine being able to customize your growth cycle to produce a truly unique product. With customizable full spectrum technology you can blend precise levels of any spectrum to maximize yield, flavor, and aroma.
  4. BIOS LED’s superior PAR Efficiency.  You will experience less heat production which leads to overall lower costs, less evaporation, less engineering, less irrigation.
  5. State and or county rebate programs. Did you know that you can offset your cost to upgrade to LED by as much as 50%? More on rebates later.
  6. Financing Now Available! Yes, financing for cannabis businesses is now available for BIOS LED Lighting!



Why BIOS Lighting is the best choice for LED cannabis grow lighting

Considering the above items it would seem that there is no reason to not switch. However, there are literally hundreds of LED grow light manufacturers. How do you know who is worth the investment?

BIOS LED Grow Lights - created for NASA, perfect for commercial cannabis.  Financing available!Start by asking how many of them were developed by NASA? How many of them have independent testing as proof behind their efficacy? How many are truly industrial grade? The answer is only 1. BIOS Lighting has quickly become the controlled environment agricultural industry’s choice for commercial crop operations.

BIOS is a team of former NASA scientists with a firm belief in the brilliance of natural light. Using a biological first approach, BIOS develops professional led grow lights.  Their lights deliver the perfect biological energy source needed to help plants thrive. By drawing off nature itself, their LED grow lighting solutions provide an increase in yield, faster flowering times and reduce energy which provides you with a faster & higher ROI.

By allowing nature to inspire BIOS has created a LED grow light that more closely mimics nature than nature herself!

Highlights of some things our clients rave about BIOS Lighting:

Best Cannabis LED Grow Light
  • Superior PAR output, photon efficacy, and light uniformity
  • Scientifically engineered spectrum for optimal PAR photon efficacy and plant growth
  • Fully assembled, UL wet rated, and durable industrial grade construction
  • Total energy usage reduced by more than 50%
  • 1-to-1 1,000W HPS replacement
  • More than 50k hours lifetime with no lamp changes.  That's more than 10 years of continuous operation with zero loss in efficacy!
  • Smooth optics for spot free cleaning and superior light delivery over the life of the fixture
  • Glass covered Diodes
  • Exclusive red high efficiency spectra that to the human eye is white light - no more purple eyes!
  • Passive cooling for noise and energy consumption reduction
  • In House Financing
  • Incredible ROI
  • World class customer service
  • Ease of use and expansion
  • State and local rebates!
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Just being good to mother earth

Learn More


Why Pacific Lamp Wholesale and BIOS LED Lighting are the perfect solution.

BIOS Lighting is even better when you work with a true lighting professional. Pacific Lamp Wholesale is the exclusive distributor who is qualified to handle any size grow.

Pacific Lamp has been working in commercial, industrial, and residential lighting since 1976. In that time they have earned a reputation for extraordinary service and expertise. They are the leading LED lighting service provider who specializes in LED Conversions and new installations. Pacific Lamp has a dedicated team who specializes in industrial and commercial lighting projects.

Pacific Lamp offers the best BIOS LED Grow Light Service and support.  Special financing and pricing!Pacific Lamp takes pride in working with only the best LED lighting manufacturers in the industry and stands behind every warranty. Along with their outstanding customer service ratings, you can expect a host of complementary services such as free lighting project assessments and maintenance services.

As the preferred distributor and project coordinator for BIOS Lighting, Pacific Lamp will make your transition to LED a wonderful experience.

Where do you start?

Simple, all you need to do is provide Pacific Lamp with some information on your grow and they will do the rest. After you have completed a brief questionnaire Pacific Lamp Wholesale will get to work for you with the following items completely FREE of cost and FREE of pressure:

  • Complimentary lighting audit of your operation
  • ROI Analysis is generated
  • Layout recommendations to maximize production are drawn
  • A proposal is provided including any available rebate information for your location
  • Once you decide that BIOS Lighting is right for you. Pacific Lamp Wholesale will take care of submitting for your rebate (where applicable) and double checking the order, layout, and timeline.

Learn More


Handling the cost of cannabis LED grow lights.

It is not enough to make the absolute best LED Grow lights on the market, they also have to make sense financially. Many operations work in highly competitive cannabis markets and run on tight margins. Making a full conversion to LED can be an intimidating and expensive proposal! Because, all the increased yields in the world won’t help a grower who is cash poor!

We have worked hard to pull together 3 great ways to make your LED dreams come true.

Cannabis Lighting finance options.  We now offer financing for cannabis LED grow lightingLED Grow Light Financing

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is in regards to financing large purchases. Traditionally, cannabis financing has been nearly impossible. But now, you can work with in house financing experts to create flexible terms that allow your business to flourish. The Pacific Lamp Wholesale and BIOS Lighting teams are here to help, not just sell.


Being able to spread the cost of conversion over time makes especially great financial sense on BIOS lighting since they last so long!

LED Grow Light Rebates

What if I told you that you could save 50% off the cost of your LED conversion right off the top? Well, if you live in an area that offers energy rebates, we can help. Qualifying for a rebate isn’t always easy. As a part of our program you will have a rebate manager that will wade through the paperwork and help qualify you for the best possible rebate!

LED Grow Light Discounts

Finally, special pricing considerations! We worked directly with Pacific Lamp and BIOS to bring unbelievable special pricing incentives to our sphere of influence. Get the best price on your LED grow lights through our limited time special incentive program. Want to know more?

Learn More

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